Never get mad at someone with anxiety for apologizing a lot. It’s a coping mechanism and yelling only makes it worse. They don’t need tough love or anything like that. Reassurance that they are fine is the most important thing

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I’m doing an assessment on Self Harm at school at I wanted to get some recent statistics, if you have ever self harmed, self injured, starved, or any form of self harm reblog this before the 31st of March

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The Girl I Once Knew

I once knew a girl
She was happy,pretty,outgoing, and free
So full of life and light
She was incredibly carefree
Loved life and loved herself.

Then she got older
Started high school
Saw all the evils in the world
All the evil in her mind.
Her smiles and laughs
No longer had that light
This darkness and hate
Began consuming her loving mind
She no longer had life
Hated herself.

She spent so many dark nights
Alone with her thoughts
And a pretty metallic friend
Only to wake up with a smile.

She spent her days in secret
Only letting a few know who she really was
She made many enemies,
Food was her number one.
She slowly stopped eating
Fearing that one bite will make her fat
The thinner she got
The fatter
And more worthless she felt.

She felt so alone
Like no one cared
No one noticed how different she had become
How that lights disappeared
That she was no longer happy
With herself
Or this life.

So one night she decided to leave
To run from the demons
She failed that night
And every night after that.
She never wanted to die,
Just for the pain of living to stop.
There was so much pain

Good or bad
Stole her mind

I once knew a girl
One day she woke up
And realized that she was worth it,
Deserves better than this
She realized how poorly she was treating herself
She slowly got better
The smiles were genuine
The light began to return to her eyes
Food was no longer her enemy

I know a girl
She is happy, pretty, outgoing, and free
So full of light and life
She is incredibly carefree
Loving life and loving herself

That girl I know,
Is me

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too-gay-tofunction asked: You are amazing. You are worth so much morw than you believe yourself to be. You deserve happiness. Remember that I love you. Keep that chin up. ♥


Thank you so much!! You’re so amazing and I love you too 😘

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Reblog this if you’ve ever seriously considered suicide, have self-harmed, purged, skipped meals, fasted. Reblog is you suffer from depression, bipolar disorder, or any other mood disorder. Reblog. I want to message every single one of you.

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